Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adult Assembly Required

Christmas and birthdays make my skin crawl because of those three little words.

This past Christmas Santa spent 7 hours doing adult assembly. Then The Man and myself spent ANOTHER 5 hours finishing what was under the tree.

Little Man's Birthday was 2 hours of adult assembly. And so far for Little Misses birthday we have spent 3 hours.

When we see those words in this house we don't only see "Adult Assembly Required." We see...."this will contain a million small pieces that are labeled wrong, You will be short a few screws (literally and figuratively). You will combine curse words you never thought would go together. You will likely thow a screw driver, maybe even the product being assebled. You need to go get a box of hair dye to cover the gray's you will get from trying to figure out what the instructions REALLY mean. And most of all we see....grab a beer, this is going to suck."

But we do it all in love, for those two little bundes of joy. So they can laugh, play, climb, spill food, and ultimeltly destroy it!!

So, if you see those three little words on a box and are thinking the kids would just love that. Think again, because mom and dad are done with them. For a long, long time.

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