Friday, May 20, 2011

MilSpouse Fill-In Friday!

It's Friday once again ao it i time for another edition of MilSpouse Fill-In Friday. So, here it goes!!
  1. What is one of the things you always do special when your husband returns from a deployment?  submitted by Keep Calm and Soldier On  I cook his favorite meal and make him brownies!
  2. What do you do to help your spouse and/or yourself re-adjust after a deployment or long separation?  submitted by Diapers, Dogs and Deployments I try and keep things as normal as possible. And we try and spend about 10 days just as a extended family allowed!!!
  3. Are you a crazy coupon clipper (I’m becoming one, so share your secrets with me)?  submitted by Married My Airman I want to be so badly. But I am terrified of becoming a hoarder because I would be the woman with 100 rolls of paper towels stacked in rooms just because I could get them cheaper.
  4. What’s your most treasured memory of you and your spouse (not counting your wedding – that’s a given)? submitted by Scrubs, ACUs and One Crazy Ride My most treasured memory was the day he graduated basic training. He joined the Air Force to give us a chance at a good life and my heart was so happy the day he stood in formation on that feild at Lackalnd AFB.
  5. If you could live anywhere overseas, what would you pick and why? submitted by Little Moments Like This Guam. I honestly believe I could get past island fever. And If I couldn't have Guam...Japan!
I'd also like to say that I am Guest Blogging today over at Sugar In My Grits! Go check out her "Women Left Waiting" Event she has going on until May 30th!!


  1. Hi from a fellow AF wife! I have the same concern of being a hoarder with couponing! I try to just buy what we would anyways but it's hard! Brownies are a fave I have to make when he returns too! :-)

  2. I agree with Christine! I only buy stuff we will actually use. And I don't buy more than a few months supply. It's worth it. I just wish I had more room. We hardly have any storage space. For anything!

    Stopping by from MilSpouse Fill-in!

  3. One of my most treasured memories is also watching my hubby graduate from AF BMT. Knowing that he did that for was amazing.

    Sammie @

  4. I like the no extended family rule! The kids (and I!!) definitely need their own time with Daddy without other people taking away his attention.

  5. I think I'm going to wind up making brownies for my husband's homecoming, too. You really can't go wrong with chocolate!