Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Fess Up Sunday

Another week gone by another unintentional white lie told. So here it goes this weeks edition of 'Fess Up Sunday.

Little Miss was on a toddler rampage. She wanted chocolate before dinner and I simply sad "No. We will talk again after dinner." This did not work for her. So I told her if she kept up her crazy shenanigans she wouldn't get a birthday this year and she'd have to stay 2 all over again.

Well...that worked. Since as I said it The Man took all her nicley wrapped presents to "The Dungeon" not to be seen until she turned 3.

She will be glad to know that tomorrow she turns 3.


So did you tell a little white lie this week to make things go a little easier...or just to get someone to stop screaming like a banshee?

If so tell me and Link Up!


  1. That's too funny! She sure will be happy to know that her birthday is still coming ;)